Australia Day

Celebrating Australia Day on January 1

There seems to be two main views on this issue. First, and the one our party supports, is that the Aborigines of australia have suffered a great deal from the settler's arrival, and to celebrate the founding of our nation on that day is an unnecessary reminder of that suffering. We believe that it takes nothing away from us to change the date to 1st January, the date of Federation (when australia was actually recognised as an independent country). Another viewpoint seems to be that people want to stick to tradition, and even though Australia Day is currently celebrated on a sad date in the aborigines timeline, it’s the way it has always been so "why change it".

Liberals are often more progressive, and therefore a greater percentage of them would want to change the date since they care more about equality and equal human rights. Conservatives are more traditional and are more likely to not want to change the date because they consider it an established tradition, and they don't want anything to affect their way of life.

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Australia Day: Most Australians don't mind what date it's held, according to new poll

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