The Progress Party Charter


We are moderate liberals who want social change that will deliver human equality and human rights. We want to ensure our citizens have the right to freedom of religion, but we do not believe that religion, traditionalism and elitism should have control of government.


We will deliver a limited government that provides social support services. Even though we lean towards libertarianism. We believe that we should also implement laws that will progress us towards becoming an inclusive community that provides opportunities for all.


We will invest in infrastructure, industry and social support services that will build a strong economic future for Australia.


Our place in the political landscape

More Liberal than Conservative

We see ourselves as moderate liberals. We want social change that reflects human equality and human rights. But we also want freedom of religion.

More Libertarian than Authoritarian

We lean towards personal liberties. We want a limited state, but one that provides social support services (i.e., health, welfare, education, utilities, civil infrastructure, public transport).


Our model of governing

Type of government and leadership model

We don’t just want a standard parliamentary system, and we don’t just want a presidential system. Instead, we want a mixed system of democracy. Under our proposed model, we’ll have a parliament that is elected as representatives of the people. They will vote on day to day matters, on the behalf of the people. We do not support a monarchy, instead we believe that every citizen should vote in a direct democracy to elect a president to act as an impartial representative of the state. We do this because we want to have a government of informed, intelligent people in power to vote on day to day matters on the behalf of the people. But we will also have a president who is a longer term figure, who we can all vote for, and who will represent the whole nation and not just one side of politics.

Function of government

We believe in a moderate approach to libertarianism. We think that there should be a limited government, with limited control where the government only takes enough taxes to provide essential services and utilities to the general public. These would include education, welfare, emergency services, internet, medical and military. This would also include civil infrastructure required to hold the standard of a first world country such as roads, public buildings and parks. The government should also have the responsibility of introducing and changing laws.

Economic model

We will invest in civil infrastructure and public resources like education and hospitals and different facilities that are required of a leading first-world nation. We’ll build up a progressive society with initiatives like immigration infrastructure where we will set up industries for qualified migrants to apply their skills. We will also invest in solar and wind infrastructure to transition our reliance to renewable energy, and invest heavily into broadband internet alternatives that will support economic growth. Our ideology is likely to cause a deficit for the first decade but the returns on that investment will lead to a more progressive economy that will deliver a surplus in the decades that follow.


Our ideology


We believe that government laws shouldn’t intervene with how people choose to live their individual lives, as long as those choices don't affect the rights of others. For example, parents should be able to take responsibility and choose if they want their kids to watch R-rated movies. As long as they're making decisions that only affect themselves, they have the right to do as they wish. However, once it affects others in society, the government needs to put restrictions in place. For example, we will not permit ownership of firearms, due to the risk to other citizens.


We believe in full equality for society. No one person is held at a greater value than another and we embrace all people as equals regardless of their gender, religion, race, sexuality, social status or economic wealth. We also believe in freedom of speech and that everyone is entitled to an opinion, but that not every opinion is of equal value. We will promote a society that stays educated and informed, so that people will have informed opinions rather than simply popular opinions.

Morality and values

We believe in the freedom of religion, equality, support of the disadvantaged and minorities. We feel we have an obligation to take care and look after all people in society. We will support moral values that align with our christian heritage and we will justify such values ethically - not just because of its ties with the =Christian faith, but also because it’s how we think it will best serve our community. In short, our aim is to increase the well-being of all people in our community.

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