Curb gambling with increased taxes and advertising bans

Australians view gambling in many different ways. Many see it as a cause for concern, whereas others see it as just entertainment. Many religious people are against gambling, because of morals and ideas about greed. People who gamble can come from all backgrounds or ethnicities. But it is often disadvantaged people who who are in desperate need of money that turn to gambling as a hopeful solution.

All sides of politics recognise that there are serious issues with gambling. They all know that it is a real problem for the community, but no one will is prepared to make the hard decision to get rid of it, because it delivers so much tax revenue to the government. Conservatives generally have a moralistic objection to gambling, while liberals tend to have concerns for the social welfare of those addicted to gambling. In both cases, everyone agrees that gambling must be curbed for the wellbeing of society.

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