Give preference to immigrants with skills suited to Industry

One perspective on immigration is to let the immigrants into our country and help them get set up for a postivie future as a contributor to our community. Another perspecitve is that we should stop immigration, and not let foreigners into the country. I think that Australian citizens with families that have migrated to Australia within the last few generations, will be more likely to support new immigrants.

Liberals are usually left wing and are more progressive in embracing change. They also strive for equality and human rights, which leads me to think the they are more likely to support immigration. Conservatives are more traditional and less likely to embrace change, so they are less likely to support the arrival of new immigrants into the country.

Relevant poll results


Is the Federal government doing a good job or a bad job of managing the arrival of asylum seekers into Australia?


Will tighter immigration laws reduce the number of asylum seekers?

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